Good Morning, Page

Writing a mid-grade children’s book on pirates,
one morning at a time…

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Words: 2219. Queries sent: 0. Responses: 0 I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of words I wrote this week; it didn’t seem so many when I was actually writing them. And still no responses from agents, for good or for bad. Querying demands patience. So, the title and accompanying graphic of this post isn’t about […]

What’s the point?

Words: 1213. Queries sent: 0. Responses: 0. With only a piddling 1200 words written this week, and still zero responses from all my queries, I suppose the title of this post could suggest I’m feeling this whole endeavour is useless. But that’s not quite the case. At least, not completely. The distinct lack of words-on-page […]

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