What’s the point?

Words: 1213. Queries sent: 0. Responses: 0.

With only a piddling 1200 words written this week, and still zero responses from all my queries, I suppose the title of this post could suggest I’m feeling this whole endeavour is useless. But that’s not quite the case. At least, not completely.

The distinct lack of words-on-page belies a larger truth. Firstly, I have been thinking about this current book a lot. I have been playing around with the jigsaw pieces in my mind, and I’m beginning to make out a picture. Yes, I would prefer that somehow this had also translated into more than the 1200 words I produced this week. But, secondly, it did produce something rather important.

I have a point. Or, rather, the book does. It is now about something. It may not be a particularly original point (about believing in yourself. Yes, that really is it) but I didn’t have that before. And now I do.

The importance of this may not be evident, but it will make the second draft easier to tackle. When I’m grappling with scenes later on, I can ask myself “How does this relate to the point of believing in yourself?”. I don’t know yet whether it will make for a better book (I suspect it might), but it will make for a more focused edit.

In other news, I have sent my first book out again for a beta read. Someone who read through its second draft last year got back in touch with me this week to ask how it was going. I told her about the edits I had done since then, and she asked to take a look. As I recall, she was a pretty quick reader, so I may have some feedback soon.

That’s all for now. I hope to check in again next Friday.


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